Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Depotted E.L.F Quads to RePress

I've been on a No-Buy... and hit pan on a bunch of ELF quads. Unfortunately, with the way the pans are shaped I couldn't reach the corners.

I used a pin to scrape the shadows out and repressed them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alert: E.L.F in Zellers, L'Oreal & Maybelline Mascaras in Dollarama

Over the past week I've been shopping for an upcoming work party. I stopped over to a few Dollarama looking for certain (ribbons) item needed and what did I find in the cosmetic/hair aisle, L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara in Black and Blackest Black for $2!!! I was surprised to see these mascaras at Dollarama as local department and drugstores have these on their shelves!! The next day I visited another Dollarama still on the work ribbon mission and behold, not only did I see L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara but also Maybeline's XXL Mascara for $2!! I revisited the store 4hours later (I forgot to pick up some cards) and there was 1 Maybelline mascara left.

GTA/Mississauga Dollarama locations I visited:
Toronto College Park - L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara (Nov 9.09)
Mississauga Dundas/Dixie - No Mascaras (Nov 10.09)
Toronto Cloverdale - L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara (Nov 10.09 & Nov 13.09)
Mississauga Winstonchurchill/Dundas - TBA
Mississauga Erin Mills - TBA

I also stopped by my local Zellers and found the E.L.F products. They (Cloverdale) had moved the products to their own shelf unit (close to the cosmetic dept) and a mini stand (in the cosmetic dept). There were mostly kits from $5.99 - $12.99.

Zellers locations I visited:
Toronto Cloverdale - ELF in stock (Nov 11.09)
Toronto Dundas West - Not in stock no displays (Nov 11.09)
Toronto Lawerence Square - TBA
Mississauga Westdale Mall - TBA
Mississauga Square One - TBA
Mississauga Erin Mills - TBA

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cherz' Outfit Under $20

I found my readers are a fan of these posts :) So I thought I'd post a recent 'Outfit Under $'.

These items were found during a recent thrift shopping trip (ref. Shoe Haul).

Outfit #1 (slightly over $20)
Shoes $7.99
Bag $3.99
Black Dress $11.99

Outfit #2 - I recently wore to a wedding.
Gold Shoes $6.99 (prev. thrift haul months ago)
Bag $3.99 (same as above)
Brown Dress $6.50 (it was 50% off because the tag was the 'colour of the day')

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Announcement: Birthday Giveaway Winners!

As you know in October I held a Birthday Giveaway. The giveaway asked you, the reader, to post your birthday plans - and 3 winners would be selected by

Before I announce the winners I'll share with you what I did for my birthday. My birthday lasts a week... lol. Work celebrated my birthday early since a coworker and I are 9 days apart. The day of my birthday work treated me to lunch, and for dinner went out with family. The rest of the week consisted of going out with different friends for different things... wings, sushi, shopping. That's basically my birthday in a nutshell.

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway... AND sent me birthday greetings and gifts. With the overwheleming response I have added one BONUS prize pack.

NOW... the winners have been contacted by my e-mail ( cherzmaster @ already.

Giveaway Winners:

ze German Maria -
With Love Elle -
o0forever0o -

Bonus Winner:

rasilla -

Thank you to all those who entered. I will be holiday giveaway too :)
You never know what I may include!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shopping Haul - Thrift Shops (again) - Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

I've been blessed with small feet. I have size 5 feet and depending on the shoe style it can fluctuate to size 4 or 6 at most. With special occasions coming up I realized I don't have certain shoes to match my outfits (I admit I don't own dress shoes in any silver/white shoes or brown)... I'm a comfy sneakers person.

So on Monday, I made it my mission to find shoes at my local Outlet Mall. During my hour or so in my mission I slowly came to the conclusion of:
1) Shoes are expensive
2) Slightly out of season
3) Size 5 is hard to find (to fit my feet/comfort)

Sadly after my 2 hours spent... I decided to go to my usual Thrift Shops. Well, in previous posts you know how much I love shopping there! Well, change of luck... I scored 10 pairs of shoes for slightly under $50!!!

Most I are brand new (Town Shoes pair still had its price tag at the bottom for $130... it was $7!) or slightly scuffed on the bottom.

ps. Giveaway blog winners will be announced soon

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Giveaway - Update... Twitter Glitch

One more week until my Birthday giveway ends. I wanted to thank everyone who entered so far. If you haven't ready and would like to just read the posting below.

Unfortunately, due to a Twitter glitch any entries after Oct 7 have been removed. I don't know why... but I had at least 7 entries and all of them don't show up at all. Luckily I did save the ones prior to Oct 7... However if your name isn't listed and you know you did tweet/will tweet please comment below with your Twitter username.

As of Oct 7. I received tweets from: MariaLiezel, Lipstickncandy, wifluvelle, juan_hurrican, xMaterialGirlsx

All blogger comments will be approved after the giveaway ends.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Giveaway!!!

Thanks for all those who entered. I'll post the winners soon
ps. Thanks for all the birthday greetings and wishes!!! <3


So my birthday is fast approaching (Oct 20) and after some reorganizing from a nobuy/swap break I decided to have a giveaway! After an impressive amount of replies to my previous post on a giveaway, I managed to make 3 give away bags.

If no more than 10 people participating then 1 bag will be given away! If there's more than 15 then all 3 will be given!

I tried to make the bags have "similar" items. All items are brand new and sealed unless noted!
Bag(s) may contain the following:
- Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel Liner (slightly swatched)
- L'Oreal HiP Cream Liner (slightly swatched)
- NYX Cosmetics Trio
- Jane Quad
- E.L.F Lip glosses
- Avon Lip Glosses
- E.L.F Eyeshadow Brushes
- E.L.F brushes (other types)
- L'Oreal HiP Pigment Eyeshadow Sticks
- Annabelle, E.L.F, NYX, GOSH single eyeshadow(s)
- Almay Duo Pencil for Lining & Highlighting

... just to name a few!

Rules & Details:
- Open to everywhere in the world!!!
- Must be 16 or older (or have your parents permission) I will need your address!
- valid E-Mail
- valid Blogspot"Google" &/or Twitter account

What you have to do to enter?
Each person is allowed to comment once on this BLOG POST & TWITTER!

Posting on Blogger:
1. Include your E-mail
2. Include in your comment: "I am entering your bday giveaway!"
3. Answer the following: What are your birthday plans for this year? If it already passed, what did you do?

Posting on Twitter:
1. Must be a follower so I can for sure get your response!
2. Post (be sure to include @cherzmaster in your responce!!!): "Hey @cherzmaster ; I'm entering your bday giveaway by giving you early BDAY BEATS lol"
Due to a twitter glitch I have lost all entries prior to Oct 7. Luckily I did save the ones prior to Oct 7.
**However if your name isn't listed and you know you did tweet please comment below with your Twitter username. As of Oct 7. I received tweets from: MariaLiezel, Lipstickncandy, wifluvelle, juan_hurrican, xMaterialGirlsx **

As of Oct 13, If you would like to post a Twitter entry as well, post below in a separate entry with the following: "Hey its (interest Twitter username) ; I'm entering your bday giveaway by giving you early BDAY BEATS lol"

Giveaway is starts: MIDNIGHT (12:00 AM EST) Monday, Oct 5, 2009
Ends: MIDNIGHT (12:00 AM EST) Wednesday, Oct 23, 2009!
ps. All comments will be hidden/pend approval until the end of the contest to prevent spammers some 'spidering' ;)

All entries will be put in a Word Document in order of entry time [time stamp from my e-mails] & chosen by
If, an entry name was selected 'twice' (ie. Bag #1 for BLAH, and BAG #3 for BLAH) there will be a redraw for that bag (ie. BAG #3).
Winner will be announced via. Blogspot and Twitter post

Feel free to spread the word :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Birthday is coming... meaning a GIVEAWAY!!

I've been planning this for some time (during my NoBuy/Swap Break). After reorganizing my makeup and closet.. I realized I have so many items slighty used or unopened.

Only thing I would have in my "rules":
- 16 or older (or have parents permission to provide me your address)
- provide me your e-mail or twitter name (as I'm posting this on my blog and twitter)

Would you be interested in participating?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swap Break & No Buy = SUCCESS, COMPLETED!

As you may or may not know I put myself on a Swap Break/ No Buy clothes and makeup for a month. The initial plan was from Aug 22 - Sept 23.... well as a result after looking back at all my bills and receipts I didn't spend anything since Aug 15!!!

It was such a challenge the first few days. I recall the very day I started my challenge was the day a local retailer put all their mascaras 50% off! In addition, I had just opened my backup mascara. But as the days passed I grew to learn more about myself, use old favourites, realize new items (I rarely touched before)... and embrace the money saved :P. Now I'm not saying I spend soooo much money on clothes/makeup (which I don't, hence the thrift shop posts); but I know what items I do need now.

Since my challenge I've reorganized and put aside items I don't need...
I'm purging my makeup and clothing... donating, swapping, sending... possibly selling etc.
So if you're all interested in taking some items off my hands feel to message me :)

If you've been on a swap break let me know your experience. If you haven't, I encourage you to try it even if it's for 2 weeks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking for a dupe before I hitpan

I have a L'Oreal Infinite Wear Quad in Andie's Neutrals.
I'm looking for a dupe of shade "#1" before I hit pan. The e/s is matte and would prefer drugstore... and "poss. HE" e/s matte single.

I don't want to go out and buy the quad again just for the single shade ;p

Search results so far:
NYX Blush in Taupe; swatch too dark
NYX top row, 3rd shade from the left; lighter but shimmer
MAC eyeshadow in Kid (Veluxe); a VERY similar dupe but I prefer not to use MAC

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update: Thrift Shopping and Stuff...

Over the past weekend I had a chance to spend some time with family. Since the summer began I've been working nonstop, so quality time was a must.

We stopped by a local Thrift Store and I managed to find some goodies. I've been wanting to get a larger makeup/travel case for a few months.
  • Lancome Makeup Bag with "matching red & white" mini bag (for lipsticks & pencils) $0.99
  • Small but wider Makeup Bag (Black/Grey & White) $0.99
  • White Clutch (been wanting a clutch!!!) $2.99
  • Belt $2.99

Items from shopping randomly...
  • Bra Clips (for hiding your bra straps, or holding them if they slip) Comes in 2, 3 diff. colours (Black, Beige, Clear) $1
  • Bella Beauty Eyelash Curler $2.60
  • Bella Beauty Retractable Blush Brush $3
  • POSH Retractable Smudge Brush $2
  • POSH Retractable Brush $5
  • Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad - #02 Natural Smokes
  • Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad - #06 Amethyst Smokes

Since my "No-Buy/Swap Break" is fast approaching (Aug 22) - my recent shopping trip was well worth it :) Thanks for all the support so far!!!!

ps. Follow me on Twitter!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cherz's Outfit Under $10: Dress for Occasion

Not my usual within $10 post but the pieces were under $10.

To end the summer (technically I don't get a summer since working FT) I'm headed to a few special occasions.

Question: Upcoming event, wedding. I'm planning to possibly wear BOTH the same day (one for the day, the other for the evening) if there's time to change. BUT if I can't which should I go with #1 or #2 for the church and reception?

Outfit #1
Shoes: Thrift Store (ref. to prev. post)
Tanktop: Suzy Shier $5
Skirt: Thrift Store $4
Shaul: Thrift Store $2 (which I'll wear at the church)

Outfit #2
Shoes: Thrift Store (ref. to prev. post)
Dress: Costa Blanca $10
Necklace: Suzy Shier $5

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wish me luck! Going on a No-Buy/Swap Break

Starting Aug.22/09 - Sept 23/09 I am going on a No-Buy/Swap Break.

I could technically start it today but I have some packages coming in (want to make sure items arrive okay etc.). This break will consist of no buying and swapping M/U or clothes.

I've been meaning to do this since begining of August. But I had a 'wakeup' call this past week with life&family... and it must be done. This is going to be tough.

I'm not alone on this journey, shexilicious also planned on going on a no-buy. Hurray for moral support :) If you're planning to go on one or are on one let me know too!

However during that time I will have more time to look over items I already have, update more on my blog... and save... ;) I wish I could hide my c.c but unfortunately I do have other items to purchase (Bus Passes and Tickets, Groceries).

Upcoming Posts:
- NYX Palettes (as per. previous post)
- E.L.F Haul #? lol
- Maybelline Stylist Smokes Quads

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ALERT: Rexall Pharma Plus (Toronto) NYX Displays UPDATED


As per my previous post regarding the "updated/redesigned" NYX displays at Rexall/PharmaPlus locations... I had managed to walk over to another store that carries NYX.

College Park (near/in College Station) has roughly the same selection as the Atrium at Bay (Dundas Station).

I took a mental note of what Jumbo Pencils that are "newly" available: Cottage Cheese, Slate, Purple, Ocean, French Fries, Horse Radish, Strawberry Milk. Items that were always in stock: Black Bean, Dark Brown, Lavender, Oyster, Rust, Pots N Pans

For my fellow Toronto residents/shoppers here are other locations I am aware of that carries NYX:

- First Canadian Place
- Yonge & Eglinton Mall/Plaza (near/inside Eglinton Station)
- Cloverdale Mall (west end Toronto)

Personally, Yonge Eglinton had quite a big selection prior to the updates. However with the new additions (diamond lipsticks and more jumbo pencils) I can only hope they've grown in size too ;p

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Update: Packages Received & Toronto Pharma/Rexall

Hello my blog readers :)

Sorry for the delay on a new blog post. I've been under the weather these past 2 weeks with an on going cough that comes and hits hard then goes. I did receive my NYX Palettes last week. I've been wanting to show swatches etc. however since I've had this cold I don't want to pass my germs all over my new shadows. Sadly, when I did open one of my palettes to just take a peek I had sneezed and nicked one of the shadows. Oh well.

Hopefully I can post up pictures and reviews this week. Plus a recent shopping haul I did with my friend (" Michie ").

FYI: For the Toronto shoppers/travellers
Rexall (Pharma Plus) at Atrium at Bay has updated their NYX section! They now have Diamond Sparkle lipsticks, more single eyeshadows, and a few more Jumbo Pencils (ie. Cottage Cheese, Strawberry Milk, French Fries)!!!! And the display looks alot neater than usual ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: Shop & Swap... WOW!

Last week I had some time off work so I had the liberty to walk around town and do a tiny bit of shopping. A couple of items I had in mind were 'work related' items. I needed flat shoes for days when I was tired of walking around in heels, especially in this corporate office. I found these shoes at a local thrift store for $5! Next door to this store was a liquidation store, which I also found my HG for my hair, Sunsilks Hydra TLC! Sadly I believe this item has been discontinued (Dollarama no longer has this in stock either), so I stocked up. Other items purchased: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF, POSH Brushes, Jane Brushes, Infusium, Shopper's Drugmart Styles Rollers, Ponds Bonus pack, Bella Eyelash curler (LOVE!), and Ardell Eyebrow Shaper Wax.

Some reason my eyelash curler I LOVED, magically disappeared from my box. So I replaced it with the 'cheapest' curler I could find near by... Bella Eyelash curler. WOW amazing! (review coming soon)

On to the swap. I did a swap with this swapper quite a few times, every swap has unbelievably been getting better and better. This swapper is not only generous but extremely cooperative & kind :) We've been swapping for items we generally don't have access to... in this case she wanted CP of some clothes and she'd send me some ELF products and a few items I liked from previous swaps. WELL... She had gone through all lengths and practically fulfilled my whole "wishlist" as a surprise. LOL I have now think of other wishlist items because I think she got me almost everything on.

What we agreed on:
  • ELF items
  • Maybelline Coverstick Concealer - #199 White (x2)
  • Jane Crease Brush
  • Maybelline Expert Tools Eyelash Curler Refills - (2/pack=4 refills)
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolour Lipstick - A60 Windsor Rose
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - (Pearl) #619 Rose & Shine
  • Rimmel Vinyl Gloss - #115 Snog

"Extras" she got me (that we didn't agree on lol) from my wishlist too:
  • L'Oreal HiP Paint #813 Witty
  • L'Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Mascara #800 Black
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - Medium 2-2.5 Beige
  • Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Crayon #201 Black, #202 Black Brown, #203 Brown
  • Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner #252 Black Brown
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick - #026 Vintage, #070 Airy Fairy
  • Wet & Wild Ultimate Expressions #396 Sand Castle
  • Maybelline Full'N Soft Waterproof Mascara #311 Very Black

Everything else I didn't list were Extra Extras! WOW! Thank you thank you thank again V! You know if you eveeeeeerrr need anything ... you know how to contact me ;)

I have another ELF shipment coming in... containing more items. Also I still need to review some brushes and mini curler I've been using for a few weeks now.... busy busy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Upcoming Hauls/Reviews:

I've been doing some shopping :) Expect some reviews/photos of the following:

- E.L.F
- NYX 10 Color Runway Collection (Catwalk, Romance, and Champagne & Caviar)
- NYX For Your Eyes Only Palette in Smokey Eyes
- Latest from Swaps

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cherz' Outfit Under $10

I've been told I'm amazing at finding deals... ;)

Shoes #1 - $5.99
Local Thrift Store

Shoes #2 - $6.99
Local Thrift Store plus ORIGINAL tags were left on! You might have a heartattack when I reveal the org. price

Friday, June 19, 2009

Urban Outfitters: Bag

So for the past year or so I've been on a hunt for a larger purse/bag. Something that can hold all the stuff I carry and that's quite a bit. After some online searching and instore hunting I came upon Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Chain Metal Bag.

I was about to order it online but was immediately turned off by their $20ish in shipping to Canada. With only 2 locations within Toronto I kept my fingers crossed it was still in their stores.

It's quite spacious and unbelievable light even when stuffed. I also managed to turn it into an overnight bag. I'm quite content with this bag... I call it an early graduation gift to myself ;)
An added note... this bag compared to my petite (4'11 body) doesn't over power me either... MAJOR PLUS!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

ALERT: 50% off ALL Lip Products at Rexall/Pharma Plus

This was in the Rexall/Pharma Plus flyer for (Sat. June 13 - Fri. June 19/09).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cherz' Outfit Under $10

Strapless Dress: Thrift Store $9! (had original tags on it too, $70!)

Vest: Thrift Store $2
T-Shirt: Gift from Philippines (exchange rate = $8)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Haul: Zellars (Canadian Department Store)

I just got home from searching for dresses.

I walked into Zellars and noticed they had EcoTools and Jane Be Mineral Gel Liners!

Unfortunately, they didn't have any more angled eyeliner brushes from EcoTools. However, I did manage to buy Jane's Gel Liner in Black ($8.29) - which is an HG from me!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eyes of the Day (EOTD) - Annabelle's Purples

It was one heck of a busy day yesterday. Class, Work, 2 Birthday celebrations... how did I manage to keep my eye makeup in tack?

What was used:
  • UDPP
  • Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow in Vanilla Chilla (base shadow to brow bone)
  • Annabelle Eyeshadow in #124 Stone (base for outter V)
  • Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow in Diva Divine (just slightly in the center of the V/crease)
  • Annabelle Eyeshadow in Gleam (inner corner of my eyes)
  • Jane Gel Eyeliner in Black (Upper lash line)
  • Annabelle Smoothliner in Brownie (Lower lash line)
  • Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof Mascara in Black

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's OFFICIAL... I'm not longer a [SEPHORA] Virgin

For the first time today... EVER in my entire life I stepped foot inside a Sephora store! *gasps* I know shocker! For those who know me or don't, I basically have never been in a Sephora or MAC store/counter ... EVER! And today... I went in, but not to make a purchase for myself but for my long time friend, who unfortunately doesn't have Sephora near her. I was a little confused and overwhelmed looking for my friend's item, but after 10mins wandering around I found it (near the front entrance HA-HA-HA!).

:) There I did it...
Now we can carry on with our lives.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random: I FILLED my 28 Eyeshadow Palette

I finally did it.... I filled up my 28 Eyeshadow palette! I had to... to many shadows kept rolling behind my dresser, miss placing them, forgetting about shades etc. Of course these are all drugstore brands. Now that I think of it, no shadow in my palette cost more than $5! LOVE IT!

PS. I purchased my palette , I then magnetized it myself by buying the rectangle magnet at .... ! Then sticking the foam back on. Tutorial coming soon

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Review: Annabelle Studio Mono Eyeshadow


Mix and match 20 eyeshadow shades ranging from go-anywhere neutrals to catwalk-crazy brights to create your own CUSTOM QUAD compact! No waste on unwanted shades: customize your perfect combo with only the colours you love and keep them in our refillable magnetic compact.

Our ultra-fine and strongly pigmented eyeshadows apply evenly, blend easily and are long-lasting. Textures and finishes range from velvety mattes to luminous metallics.

Be sure to check out the limited-edition trend shades to update your look.

Shades Available: Bronzed Idol, Buff Naked, Divine Diva, Ebony, Funburst, Gold Digger, Indigo Glow, Ka-Ching, Laguna Surf, Martian, Metallic Meltdown, Misted Up, Purple Reine, Smoked, Snowflake, Soar, So Foxy, Sugar Dust, Vanilla Chilla, Whipped

NOTE The following shadows are apart of their Limited Edition Spring 2009 Custom Quads TREND shades:

Whipped, Laguna Surf, Funburst, Martian, Misted Up, Smoked, Soar, Purple Reine

Shoppers Drug Mart currently has a sale - when you purchase 4 Mono Eyeshadows you receive a custom compact quad for free (PLUS 1500 Optimum Points if you're a member).

My Review:

- Current sale of 4 shadows get a compact free ;)
- Variety of shadow colours
- Pigmented!!!! (Annabelle has NEVER disappointed me)
- Each shadow is $4.99
- Compact alone is $5.49
- Compact design stands out & is magnetized inside so you don't need to add magnets to the eyeshadow pans :)

- If you're outside Canada you don't have access to Annabelle
- Some shades are Limited Edition
- Eyeshadow pans don't have magnets behind them... HOWEVER the compact is magnetized
- 2 shadows from their Studio Mono line is ALSO in their current line (Ebony & Snowflake)

I have the following shades:

Top Row L-R:
Whipped - Eggshell/cream, Matte
Reminds me of ELF Custom Shadow in Ivory

Vanilla Chilla - Beige, Matte
Reminds me of Annabelle's current shadow GLEAM, except a tad lighter and no shimmer & a DUPE for NYX Single/Trio[Nude/Taupe/DarkBrown] shade in Nude !!!!:)

Buff Naked - Beige-Light Peach, Matte

Gold Digger - Golden-Yellow Colour, Metallic/Shimmer
a tad more Dark Orange than ELF Golden Glow

Bottome Row L-R:
Metallic Meltdown - Golden-Orange/Brown, shimmer
Similar to JANE EyeZing Hazelnut

Bronze Idol - Chestnut Brown, Shimmer

Divine Diva - Shimmer
Reminds me of Annabelle current shadow SUEDINE, but more PURPLE tones

So Foxy - Dark Brown, Matte
A tad lighter than Annabelle's current shadow in BROWN FROST

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MAKEUP ALERT: Upcoming Annabelle Products!

GAH! Excitment is running through me....! Can't wait to find these in stores. This was sent to me via. Annabelle Newsletter.

For those who have access to ANNABELLE PRODUCTS I highly recommend it :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review/Test: Witchcraft Nail Hardener

Product: Witchcraft - Nail Hardener

Availability: In Canada in any department and pharmacies stores nail section. So far I've seen it in PharmaPlus/Rexall, Shoppers Drugmart, Walmart, and Zellars.

Witchcraft Nail Hardener - "Often imitated but never equalled."

Box Information:
- Enhances nail growth
- Protects and seals nail surface
- Prevents chipping, cracking, splitting and peeling

Regular use will help make nails longer and stronger.

Shake bottle well before using.
Hardener may appear clear or cloudy. Effectiv
eness remains the same.
Keep from heat. External use only.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Day 1 (March 20 @ 3PM):

My Nail History:
I over work my hands, they are weak and pron to chip. I work on a computer EVERY day! At work and school I'm ALWAYS at the computer. At home I wash the dishes and do the laundry (yes I scrub my stuff). I'm a chronic hand wash and sometimes don't have access to put hand lotion. My hands are dry overall... and I rarely have time to take care of my nails, due to the above. However, I do have the proper intake of the vitamins needed to make my nails healthy :)

The Test:

I'm quite hesitant to see if this hardener works. I've use 2 different hardeners in the past and they've both failed me. They've made my nails weaker and break alot faster.

As the box suggests this should be applied twice awake. BUT since I lack faith in my nails I'll be applying this every other day. As you can see my right thumb nail is "cut" as far as it can be cut. I somewhat did this purposely just to see if my nail will grow "faster".

So far:

- Drys shiny & clear
- Great amount on the brush didn't have to redip (did one hand per dip!)

- Nail polish scent (so if this bothers you... sorry)
- Cost $9.49 CDN.... maybe we'll see if this works

Results:For from a week of reapplication will be updated NEXT Saturday!
Product Rating:
to be updated in a week
Would Purchase Again: to be updated in a week

Monday, March 2, 2009

Upcoming Blogs

Before I forget...

- 28 Palette Haul
- How to Magnetize a Palette (No Metal involved)
- Placematt Bags
- Recent Swaps
- Makeup Wipes Review
- Salley Hansen Primer Review

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cherz' Outfit Under $10

Excuse the angle of the photo and my pose. It's hard to run across the hall with heels on, in order to reach the timer in time ;p

Dress: Stitches $5 (Org. $20, Sale: $10 additional 50% off the marked price = SCORE!)
Tights: Dollarama $1
Heels: Thrift Store $4

Friday, February 20, 2009

Have You Seen This Dress?

From Wet Seal.

I've come to realize that when I ask for help, you know I
really want it.

Unfortunately, being Canadian does have its down falls. This in particular is one... ships only to the US.

Here's what I question... now I can't ask random 'readers' to send me a dress and I'll pay... or I could. BUT to save the whole exchange rate hassle etc.

Has anyone seen the same dress if not similar else where? Big points if it's within Toronto too :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tagged by: madison817 - therefore I tag YOU for READING THIS :)

what’s your favourite eye shadow color to wear?
anything neutral, NYX trio Nude-Taupe-Brown, ELF Quad Butternut, or Rimmel Quad 002

what’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without?
Pads is one... but umm Mascara :p

what’s your favourite makeup look – high drama OR natural?
natural... I don't think I've every done high drama ever

which feature do you play up the most?
hair, my hair is so dull and straight just *argh* sometimes so I curl it somedays :)

which feature do you try to downplay/cover up?
no clue

your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist?

which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again?
AVON Lipgloss in Clear (I'm on my 3rd tube), Vaseline Skin Tharepy Cream (x2 tub)

which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why?
Rimmel Waterproof Makeup Remover... doesn't remove my makeup especially waterproof mascara

one beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done?
eyebrow threading :)

one beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done?
manicure (never got one done EVER... I do it myself)... & cosmetic surgery I like what I have

one beauty trick you can share with everyone?
vaseline petroleum jelly is your best friend & always carry a makeup/emergency kit-bag (has your basic makeup, pads, bandaids, contact solution, toothbrush)

best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup?
start with the basics "what you need" - then if/when you need something plan for other purchases.

Tag You're It: Survey - Stuff you use

I was tagged by: MakeUp Mama
Roll Call... I tag: blushhhbaby, charlene, shellixillious, madison817, fablooks, eternalmi, charmyRoyality, ranifaye,

Shampoo: Herbal Essences 2in1 Body Envy
Condtioner: Herbal Essences 2in1 Body Envy
Styling products: SunSilk hydraTLC, (when I curl my hair:) Got 2B Curlvacious, Salon Selectives SitStill HairSpray
Shower Gel: Irish Springs Moisturizing (Soap)
Body moisturizer: Vaseline CocoButter, Vaseline Skin Therapy Cream (HG!)
Fake Tan: I self tan in the sun ;)
Cleanser: Avon ClearSkin Deep Pore Cleanser
Eye makeup remover: Avon Moisturizing Remover & Baby Wipes
Primer: none, moisturizer I don't wear foundation much.
Foundation: Jane Tinted Moisturizer in Deep, (Formal wear) Revlon ColorStay Foundation
Foundation brush: my fingers =x
Powder: L'Oreal True Match SuperBlendable Powder - Warm W6 Sun Beige (HG!)
Blusher: depends on my mood: Jane BlushStix, NYC Chrome Face Glow, Rimmel Blush.
Bronzer: (same as above)
Highlighter: NYC Chrome Face Glows, NYC Mosaic Face Powder
Eyeshadow base: NYX Eyeshadow in Nude
Eyeshadows: whatever is near me... NYX Trio, ELF Quads, Annabelle Singles, Rimmel Quad#002
Eyeliner: Jane Gel Liner in Black, Annabelle Smoothliners (HG!), Avon Liquid Eyeliner, Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner
Eyelash curler: E.L,F Eye lash curler
Eyelash base: None
Mascara: Annabelle, Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof
Lipstick: none
Lipgloss: Avon Glimmerstick in Clear
Nail Colour: Avon Clear

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tutorial: Creating Your Own Brush Holder / MakeUp Case

Note: This is MY (cherzmaster) way of doing this. A very crafty and affordable way to place your makeup & brushes.

What You'll Need:
You can find the following items from the dollar store ;)

- Square Oven/Pot mitt (any colour your like)

- Velcro (optional)

- Mini Sewing Kit (optional - if you can't sew please ask for assistance from someone who can. I don't want you getting hurt!!!)

For this tutorial I'm using 2 (two) oven mitts.

If you're creating a removable pouch, use the velcro to stick your Mitts together.

If you're creating a makeup case, sew the Mitts together by their side, pouch opening facing up.

Optional Idea:
You can put velcro/zipper on the top rim so items won't slip out.

Now you can decorate it to your hearts desire or stick a belt through the holes and use it as a brush belt.

View video tutorial here:


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tutorial: Depotting Eyeshadows (No Heat, No Knife)

I decided I needed to fill the last spot in my E.L.F compact. So I have a fear of knifes... no joke I hate having to cut something and just thinking of MAYBE cutting myself... yah.

What you'll need:
Now I don't own a hair straighter either... so I found the next best thing, a mini screwdriver. I didn't want to ruin the ones from our tool kit, so I found one we bought from the dollar store.
I found a random fridge magnet to use for the back.

It's pretty self explanatory from here:
Take the miniscrew driver and gently press it between the casing and the eyeshadow pan - and lift up. (ref. left photo)

Cut a mini piece of the magnet and place it on the glue from back of the eyeshadow pan (ref. right photo). Label this pan for the time being so you don't forget which shadow this is; this is helpful when you depot many in one day.

If you don't have a palette yet you can simply place this back into their casings. They won't fall out, I've tried ;)

Check out what happened when I depotted this eye shadow. To my surprise I found some eyeshadow under the pan!!!

You can also view the video for this here:

Happy Depotting

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Hauling & A Swapping I go...

So these past 2 days I've been shopping & swapping. I think since I've started swapping (Sept 08) my makeup collection has grown quite a bit.

From the most recent swap I did, I had swapped with this person previously and this time yet again they were ever so generous :) Thanks so much hun!!!!

The original swap was for:
- Clinque's Be Happy (Sample)
- E.L.F Bronzing/Blush Brush
- E.L.F Shadow Primer/ Line Sealer

For my L'Oreal Lipgloss & E.L.F Liquid Liner (Coffee/Brown) with extras :)

And let me tell you she added quite a few extras!!! AHHH!!!! The Lancome brush set is my FIRST ever department store (non-drugstore) brushes set. AND AND AND She included an ELF Eyeshadow brush. I totally love these brushes. I can't thank her enough

Now onto my shopping:

I had recently bought a few items from blogger blue - and yet again my Annabelle collection is growing :)
Annabelle eyeshaows: Suedine, Stone, Nugget
E.L.F False Eyelashes - Natural & Dramatic
NYX Eyeshadow: Frosted Flakes

Everyone check out her mini sale.

Also yesterday after work I wanted to avoid some commuter chaos. We all had our share of communter frustration when few subway stations closes and shuttle busses are thrown in the picture... and might I add DURING the peak of RUSH HOUR. So to avoid this I ended up going to Hones
t Eds. I use to go here a few times a year with my friend (a few years ago) but it had stopped because they no longer lived a mer footstep away :(

So it was a nice refreshing journey to revisit my memories. And boy did I miss it. Now I didn't want to post photos of this I don't know really unconfortable, really... so I decided to write what I bought. I bought a few bras for $1.99 and tanktops for $1.49. There I said it :)

Also I stopped by a Pharma Plus and found this in the brush aisle, Preven's Paris - Travel MakeUp Remover Wipes (15pack). So I decided to by 2 packs since it was $2.99 each. I needed something for my travelling makeup bag. Usually I bring my makeup bag with me... and IF I think I might be sleeping at family/friends house. My mini facial wash I use doesn't remove all makeup (esp. waterproof). I don't have a travel size makeup remover, so I decided maybe this might come in handy. I'll do a review on it once I test it out for the next few days.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MakeUp Haul @SDM

I'll post photos up when I have time to plug my camera in...
So after work I stopped by SDM to find some stuff and realized a few sales. So of course I bought a few things.

- QUO Tweezers (Tag said $3.99... CHECKOUT: $3.49)
- ANNABELLE Single Eyeshadow (CHECKOUT: $3.00) x 4

- COLGATE Toothpaste big size lol (CHECKOUT $0.99) x4 *can never have enough of toothpaste ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

What I've Hit Pan/Ran-out Of...

So I finally have time to make this. These items are:

  • NYX Trio - TS03 - Nude, Taupe, Dark Brown ($10.99 CDN PharmaPlus/Rexall)
    Nude is a shade I always use as a base. You can't tell in the photo but I'm only left with a rim of eyeshadow.

  • Vaseline Problem Skin Threapy ($6 CDN Unless Shoppers has its sales $2 a tub =) )
    I've been blessed with super dry skin (boo!). No matter what season my skin is battling (Canadian winters or humid summers) my skin will still remain dry, flakey, and patchy etc. This as you CAN tell there is very little creme left, just what's on the side.

  • New York Color - Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - #722 Translucent Highlighter Glow ($4 CDN)
    I use this stuff to tone down my ever so changing skin (if this makes sense?). Sometimes if I find my face looks more flushed or rosey I use this. Or if I decide to "set" my makeup.

  • E.L.F Brightening Eye Color Quad - Nouveau Neutrals ($1 USD @ )
    Nude shade (2nd shade from the right), just a general base colour

  • E.L.F Brightening Eye Color Quad - Butternut ($1 USD @ )
    Nude shade (2nd shade from the right), just a general base colour
    Bronze-Chocolate shade (last shade), very pigmented bronzy colour.

  • JANE - Eyezing - #22 Goldie Looks ($2.99 CDN the store was closing )
    Very nice gold shade.

  • Cobigelow Metha Lip Shine #502 (received as a gift // $5?)

  • AVON Glazewear - Clear ($3CDN sales ;) REG.$8)
    This is actually my 3rd lipgloss of this item. I just love love looove it.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

MakeUp Review: jane. Be Pure Aguaceuticals Review

Product: jane. Be Pure Aguaceuticals

Availability: In United States & Canada in any department and pharmacies stores that sell Jane cosmetics.

I had previously posted about jane.'s new product line 'JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals®' arriving on store shelves last December 2008. Recently I had stopped by my local Zellars to see what makeup products were out and had found their collection. So far my local Zellars has only their bronzing palettes, blush sticks, and tinted moisturizers.

JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals® includes natural hydrating products made with active naturals and certified organics such as: White and Green Tea – a known antioxidant for anti-inflammatory and skin care; Organic Aloe; Lemon Balm and Comfrey complex which hydrate and moisturize to reduce the appearance of fine lines on skin.

In an effort to respond to environmental concerns, JANE has made a commitment that 90% of the packaging for this Collection is 100% recyclable or made with post-consumer recycled materials. For instance, the compacts are made from recyclable paperboard; the tubes, jars and cases for Aguaceuticals® are molded with 50% post-recycled materials.

Also their products highlight that it is PARABEN FREE!


Aguaceuticals® Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

There are 4 avaible shades:
Fair Tones: Very fair, pink or porcelan undertones
Light Warm Tones: Beige and yellow undertones
Medium Warm Tones: Mediterranean, tanned complexions
Dark Tones: Dark, Tanned Complexions

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The packaging is very light weight, compared to other bottles of I've seen (Revlon's ColourStay Active). Unfortunately, there were no testers at the store so I purchased the last 2 shades.

Results: From what I found Medium Warm tone had blended well to my skin tone, whereas Dark tone looked was a bit more tanned for my skin. I think I'll use Dark shade when the summer comes. After I applied Medium Warm to my face it had dried matte which what I like. However after a few minutes (or it could be my lighting) it looked like it changed a tad orange/tan-lightbrown. After a few minutes it looked like I had nothing on my face. :)

View Swatch:

- SPF 30
- Drys matte
- Light weight
- Didn't rub off onto my clothes
- After 8 hrs of wearing (cold winter, to warmth, to commutting, to cold etc) didn't melt off my face

- Slight scent
- Cost $9.99 CDN :(

Product Rating: 4/5 (I will try out Light Warm)
Would Purchase Again: Yes

Aguaceuticals® Blush Stix

There are 3 available shades:
01 - Shimmering Brown
02 - Shimmering Peach
03 - Shimmering Pink

Moisturizes, soothes and softens with organic almond and jojoba

The packaging is very light weight, great product size (It's slightly taller than a lipstick, and 2.5 cm across width). I believe there's only 3 shades avaiable, I could be wrong. However, I purchased all availble shades.compared to other bottles of I've seen (Revlon's ColourStay Active). Unfortunately, there were no testers at the store so I purchased the last 2 shades.

View Swatch @

- Pigmented
- Glides on smoothly (although my video looks like I had to press hard, I didn't twist product up which I should have)
- Great size product

- Slight shimmer
- Cost $8.99 CDN :(

Product Rating: 5/5
Would Purchase Again: Yes

Thursday, January 29, 2009

26 Shadow & Blush Combo Palette

So I recently purchased the 'Coastal Scents' dupe of their 26 Shadow & Blush Combo palette on eBay (User ID/Link: abestlife). CS sells this for about $21.95 + Canadian shipping $7?!... but with the exchange rate and the charges Canadian customs might slap onto my package I didn't want to risk it again. So I bought this palette when the exchange rate was quite low ($11.24 CDN!) + shipping about $10 (a bit lower with exchange rate too). I received in about a week and a half.

I have yet to do swatches and review this. I'm planning to test this out for my graduation photo look ;) WOOO a few more days.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Updates coming soon

I've been meaning to post but I've been rather busy and lazy.... :(
I have a couple of items from swapping and buying such. Some pretty much good deals.

For any Canadians out there... Dollarama prices are going up Feb 1/09!
I know... why call it dollarama... well its now going to be 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 items