Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target Canada Experience & Exclusives

Over the past few weeks Target Canada have been doing their "soft openings". Like many shoppers, curiosity and excitement hit... and ventured to the Target location that was opening.

I went with an open mind, I wasn't sure what to expect since
1) I don't travel... :(
2) Curious to see what brands from Target USA were arriving
3) Pricing! ;)

Walking through the doors...
When I first arrived to the store, I/we were greeted by Target staff. A friendly hello does change your "shopping" mood ;) I also noticed there were available wipes for those who wanted to disinfect their hands &/or cart! LOVE IT! As I walked aimlessly throughout the store, staff would stop and ask if I needed help or if I needed a basket (by this time I had found chocolates that I was slowly melting ha.ha.).

I spent a good hour in the Beauty department looking at the lovely lit-up displays. The aisles had various drugstore brands (Annabelle, Marcelle, Revlon, Maybelline etc) and brands new to Canada (Sonia Kashuk, Pixie Beauty and [more] NYX).

Few things that caught my eye:

Target Canada Exclusives from Annabelle Cosmetics & Marcelle Cosmetics

NYX displays
more items available from primers to matte eyeshadows/lipsticks

NYC eyeshadows palettes

Sonia Kashuk

Since this was a soft opening - there was enough items to select from. Pricing was decent to pick up a few items or two. I can't wait for the grand opening later next month for more selection and deals.

How was your Target Canada experience?