Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1 Thrift Store, 5 Dresses

One of my local thrift stores has been holding a 12 Day sale. Each day features a different theme (department/attire) that would be 50% off.

The theme for day 6 was 50% off all women's dresses. I may have gone overboard, but for 50% off I couldn't resist. My wallet is happy, I'm happy ;) Now, I have a dress for every occasion for the upcoming year.

Can you guess which dresses still had their original tag on them?

I apologize, the last dress is wrinkled.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Thrift

A few weeks ago I had tweeted that one of my favourite thrift stores was having a 50% off sale (on select colour tag(s)). I was pretty ecstatic to have found that date the sale was happening happened to be my birthday as well. It was like the universe was telling me something.... thrifting PLUS my birthday... an awesome birthday start ;)

These 2 sweaters have become favourite items I LOVE to wear.
I'm fall ready!!

I have an upcoming d.i.y tutorial on the black clutch/purse.

Feedback time:
Have you gone thrifing before? If not, why not?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

SPOTTED! Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers, Halloween Display Shoppers Drug Mart

Fellow Canadians... if you are on the hunt for Wet N Wild's Fantasy Markers collection, I spotted the display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart

Photo was taken at a Mississauga, Ontario location :)
I'm surprised they had WetNWild.

WetNWild Fantasy Makers, Halloween 2012 display at Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thrift Shopping Under $25

I haven't posted a thrift haul in quite a while. Thought I'd share with you some outfits I bought at my local thrift store over the past few weeks.

feeling a bit country...for $12
4 items for less than $15 (during 50%off day)
When I first tried on the purple shirt I had worn it backwards. I feel its a 2styles in 1 shirt :)

Let me know your thoughts. Have you been thrift shopping before?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canadian MakeUp Map: Store Finder

Just launched a map to help fellow Canadian's out when new makeup brand(s) &/or LE launches.
Contributions are much appreciated.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tutorial: Belt Organization / Storage (Under $5)

If you're like me, you like to be organized. Not just organized by purchasing many boxes and storage containers but in the "cheapest" way possible. I've acquired quite a number of belts over the years (purchases, thrifting, hand-me-down). However, I disliked storing them in boxes since I wanted a solution where I didn't have to "dig" for my belts. So my option was to hang them, but this was also becoming a hassle. Especially when I went to pick a belt, I would have remove belts that were ontop it knocking a few belts along the way.

So one day I was going down the aisle of my local dollar store (Dollarama) and noticed they had placed new items. Trust me I LOVE this place. One item they had added was Shower Curtain hooks! Then an idea popped in my head - let me try hanging something else with these ;)

What I use & What you need:
- Coat hooks for the door
(Dollarama: $1.50-2.50  depending location/style)
- Shower Curtain Hooks or hooks that open.
(Dollarama: $1 - 12hooks/package)

I sorted my belts by colour and style. Now I just select a loop and press and go. You can sort it however you like. That easy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marcelle BB Cream

I had been away from the Beauty blogging world for a few months, so I wasn't sure what this "new" product trend/hype, BB Cream was. Was it a tinted moisturizer? Would the shade be right for me? Would it be very moisturizing for my dry skin, especially during the winter months?
Look no further.... Marcelle is launching the 1st  CANADIAN made BB Cream!
Moisturizing skin care, tinted corrector and make-up base all in one, Marcelle® “BB” stands for Beauty Balm, as it truly enhances your natural beauty. 

How can Marcelle BB Cream be used?
1) Use as a corrective tinted moisturizer
2) Use it alone or over your moisturizer to unify your complexion.
3) Use it as a make-up base under foundation for total coverage and improved stay-on power.

I was sent a sample of Marcelle BB Cream in Light-Medium. Since I didn't want to just have my thoughts I decided to also get a little help from someone (who was also curious when they saw the bottle)... my mom :)

Initial thoughts:
- 2 shades available: Light-Medium, Medium-Dark
In previous experiences from other brands I've always had more misses than hits on finding the right shade. Offers self-adjusting pigments to adapt to any skin tone. This shade works out for the winter months but I will be making a purchase for Medium-Dark my Asian skin tans easily ;p
- Comes in an air-less tube with pump! No more pouring to much and wasting product. I found I needed to use just half-a-pump to give my face some colour.
- No SPF :( ,  therefore no a "white-case" on face
- Light-weight or as my mom described it a "cool" feeling like nothing was there
- Didn't transfer to my clothes
- Even out skin
- Controls shine, going from extreme cold to heat while my mom was working in the kitchen throughout this our faces remained matte and shine free :)
- no scent :)
- didn't cake, I have dry skin whereas my mother has oily skin... BB cream looked the same throughout the day

Photo time!

Cherz face (slightly pink)

Marcelle BB Cream applied   |     after even out skin :)

Cherz' Mom: notice the sun/age-spots on her cheek :(
After Marcelle BB Cream Light-Medium is applied. Sunspots are almost gone

Arriving to stores February 6, 2012 - but you can order yours now online directly from Marcelle at
Sold at its regular price of $22.95, shipping is FREE with any purchase over $25.00 before taxes