Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cherz' Outfit Under $20

I found my readers are a fan of these posts :) So I thought I'd post a recent 'Outfit Under $'.

These items were found during a recent thrift shopping trip (ref. Shoe Haul).

Outfit #1 (slightly over $20)
Shoes $7.99
Bag $3.99
Black Dress $11.99

Outfit #2 - I recently wore to a wedding.
Gold Shoes $6.99 (prev. thrift haul months ago)
Bag $3.99 (same as above)
Brown Dress $6.50 (it was 50% off because the tag was the 'colour of the day')


  1. so pretty!! the clutch is sooo nice too.

    i love bargain finds on dresses. I have a lot of pretty dresses under 10 bucks ^_^

  2. Where did you go thrift shopping again? Take me there next time I'm in Toronto, pls :-)

  3. LOL @ colour of the day XD

    Hey Cherz !
    I recently changed my blog URL and my followers have not been getting updates on my new blog entries! Please re-follow me again at my page if you haven't already! Thank you so much! Have a great day!

  4. Great deal!! I'm attending a wedding soon next month and my dress was $40!! How do you find such great dea;?

  5. o wow! That's so great that you can put together an outfit under $20. Great looks!!! =)