Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Hauling & A Swapping I go...

So these past 2 days I've been shopping & swapping. I think since I've started swapping (Sept 08) my makeup collection has grown quite a bit.

From the most recent swap I did, I had swapped with this person previously and this time yet again they were ever so generous :) Thanks so much hun!!!!

The original swap was for:
- Clinque's Be Happy (Sample)
- E.L.F Bronzing/Blush Brush
- E.L.F Shadow Primer/ Line Sealer

For my L'Oreal Lipgloss & E.L.F Liquid Liner (Coffee/Brown) with extras :)

And let me tell you she added quite a few extras!!! AHHH!!!! The Lancome brush set is my FIRST ever department store (non-drugstore) brushes set. AND AND AND She included an ELF Eyeshadow brush. I totally love these brushes. I can't thank her enough

Now onto my shopping:

I had recently bought a few items from blogger blue - and yet again my Annabelle collection is growing :)
Annabelle eyeshaows: Suedine, Stone, Nugget
E.L.F False Eyelashes - Natural & Dramatic
NYX Eyeshadow: Frosted Flakes

Everyone check out her mini sale.

Also yesterday after work I wanted to avoid some commuter chaos. We all had our share of communter frustration when few subway stations closes and shuttle busses are thrown in the picture... and might I add DURING the peak of RUSH HOUR. So to avoid this I ended up going to Hones
t Eds. I use to go here a few times a year with my friend (a few years ago) but it had stopped because they no longer lived a mer footstep away :(

So it was a nice refreshing journey to revisit my memories. And boy did I miss it. Now I didn't want to post photos of this I don't know really unconfortable, really... so I decided to write what I bought. I bought a few bras for $1.99 and tanktops for $1.49. There I said it :)

Also I stopped by a Pharma Plus and found this in the brush aisle, Preven's Paris - Travel MakeUp Remover Wipes (15pack). So I decided to by 2 packs since it was $2.99 each. I needed something for my travelling makeup bag. Usually I bring my makeup bag with me... and IF I think I might be sleeping at family/friends house. My mini facial wash I use doesn't remove all makeup (esp. waterproof). I don't have a travel size makeup remover, so I decided maybe this might come in handy. I'll do a review on it once I test it out for the next few days.

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  1. it can be found under the skin care aisle... usually right below the clean and clear stuff.