Saturday, August 1, 2009

Update: Packages Received & Toronto Pharma/Rexall

Hello my blog readers :)

Sorry for the delay on a new blog post. I've been under the weather these past 2 weeks with an on going cough that comes and hits hard then goes. I did receive my NYX Palettes last week. I've been wanting to show swatches etc. however since I've had this cold I don't want to pass my germs all over my new shadows. Sadly, when I did open one of my palettes to just take a peek I had sneezed and nicked one of the shadows. Oh well.

Hopefully I can post up pictures and reviews this week. Plus a recent shopping haul I did with my friend (" Michie ").

FYI: For the Toronto shoppers/travellers
Rexall (Pharma Plus) at Atrium at Bay has updated their NYX section! They now have Diamond Sparkle lipsticks, more single eyeshadows, and a few more Jumbo Pencils (ie. Cottage Cheese, Strawberry Milk, French Fries)!!!! And the display looks alot neater than usual ;)


  1. ooh gotta check out the Atrium! i go there all the time! thanks for letting us know =)

  2. I have yet to check out that Rexall/Pharma Plus location. I'm really starting to like the NYX products.
    I hope that you feel better soon.