Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, the year of opportunities

"cause in the end we're just lines and circles... " - Lines and Circles, O-Town

Here I sit, writing. It's a few more hours until the new year. It seems pretty cliche writing this especially since the "new year" is upon us. Yes, it's a time to reflect. A time to review your year. As a blogger, lets be honest, my lack of blogging this year was very absent. As much as I wanted to I couldn't, could of. Life really took over. My year began with a rocky start, the thoughts of the known. Few days ago marked a year and I continue to pray and have hope. Life does continue.

As I think back, this year was... pretty awesome. Sure I've had ups and downs but who hasn't? If I were to compare this year to last year, I believe this year I took my own advice. Something I didn't think or know I CAN do.

Too many life events happened that I wish I blogged about but didn't. I, was living in the moment and didn't want to miss any of it. Opportunities, opportunities I thought would never happen. The opportunity to take courage, to take charge. The opportunity to finally travel (staycations to me count!). The opportunity of being a secret shopper. The opportunity of meeting musicians I grew up listening to. Opportunities of meeting people and continue to "grow old" with family and friends. It was the year of opportunities.

When I look back to this post for whatever reason, for whatever emotions I may be going through in the years to come. The journey continues. Don't worry for tomorrow. Live now. Live today.

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