Saturday, October 31, 2009

Announcement: Birthday Giveaway Winners!

As you know in October I held a Birthday Giveaway. The giveaway asked you, the reader, to post your birthday plans - and 3 winners would be selected by

Before I announce the winners I'll share with you what I did for my birthday. My birthday lasts a week... lol. Work celebrated my birthday early since a coworker and I are 9 days apart. The day of my birthday work treated me to lunch, and for dinner went out with family. The rest of the week consisted of going out with different friends for different things... wings, sushi, shopping. That's basically my birthday in a nutshell.

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway... AND sent me birthday greetings and gifts. With the overwheleming response I have added one BONUS prize pack.

NOW... the winners have been contacted by my e-mail ( cherzmaster @ already.

Giveaway Winners:

ze German Maria -
With Love Elle -
o0forever0o -

Bonus Winner:

rasilla -

Thank you to all those who entered. I will be holiday giveaway too :)
You never know what I may include!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shopping Haul - Thrift Shops (again) - Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

I've been blessed with small feet. I have size 5 feet and depending on the shoe style it can fluctuate to size 4 or 6 at most. With special occasions coming up I realized I don't have certain shoes to match my outfits (I admit I don't own dress shoes in any silver/white shoes or brown)... I'm a comfy sneakers person.

So on Monday, I made it my mission to find shoes at my local Outlet Mall. During my hour or so in my mission I slowly came to the conclusion of:
1) Shoes are expensive
2) Slightly out of season
3) Size 5 is hard to find (to fit my feet/comfort)

Sadly after my 2 hours spent... I decided to go to my usual Thrift Shops. Well, in previous posts you know how much I love shopping there! Well, change of luck... I scored 10 pairs of shoes for slightly under $50!!!

Most I are brand new (Town Shoes pair still had its price tag at the bottom for $130... it was $7!) or slightly scuffed on the bottom.

ps. Giveaway blog winners will be announced soon

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Giveaway - Update... Twitter Glitch

One more week until my Birthday giveway ends. I wanted to thank everyone who entered so far. If you haven't ready and would like to just read the posting below.

Unfortunately, due to a Twitter glitch any entries after Oct 7 have been removed. I don't know why... but I had at least 7 entries and all of them don't show up at all. Luckily I did save the ones prior to Oct 7... However if your name isn't listed and you know you did tweet/will tweet please comment below with your Twitter username.

As of Oct 7. I received tweets from: MariaLiezel, Lipstickncandy, wifluvelle, juan_hurrican, xMaterialGirlsx

All blogger comments will be approved after the giveaway ends.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Giveaway!!!

Thanks for all those who entered. I'll post the winners soon
ps. Thanks for all the birthday greetings and wishes!!! <3


So my birthday is fast approaching (Oct 20) and after some reorganizing from a nobuy/swap break I decided to have a giveaway! After an impressive amount of replies to my previous post on a giveaway, I managed to make 3 give away bags.

If no more than 10 people participating then 1 bag will be given away! If there's more than 15 then all 3 will be given!

I tried to make the bags have "similar" items. All items are brand new and sealed unless noted!
Bag(s) may contain the following:
- Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel Liner (slightly swatched)
- L'Oreal HiP Cream Liner (slightly swatched)
- NYX Cosmetics Trio
- Jane Quad
- E.L.F Lip glosses
- Avon Lip Glosses
- E.L.F Eyeshadow Brushes
- E.L.F brushes (other types)
- L'Oreal HiP Pigment Eyeshadow Sticks
- Annabelle, E.L.F, NYX, GOSH single eyeshadow(s)
- Almay Duo Pencil for Lining & Highlighting

... just to name a few!

Rules & Details:
- Open to everywhere in the world!!!
- Must be 16 or older (or have your parents permission) I will need your address!
- valid E-Mail
- valid Blogspot"Google" &/or Twitter account

What you have to do to enter?
Each person is allowed to comment once on this BLOG POST & TWITTER!

Posting on Blogger:
1. Include your E-mail
2. Include in your comment: "I am entering your bday giveaway!"
3. Answer the following: What are your birthday plans for this year? If it already passed, what did you do?

Posting on Twitter:
1. Must be a follower so I can for sure get your response!
2. Post (be sure to include @cherzmaster in your responce!!!): "Hey @cherzmaster ; I'm entering your bday giveaway by giving you early BDAY BEATS lol"
Due to a twitter glitch I have lost all entries prior to Oct 7. Luckily I did save the ones prior to Oct 7.
**However if your name isn't listed and you know you did tweet please comment below with your Twitter username. As of Oct 7. I received tweets from: MariaLiezel, Lipstickncandy, wifluvelle, juan_hurrican, xMaterialGirlsx **

As of Oct 13, If you would like to post a Twitter entry as well, post below in a separate entry with the following: "Hey its (interest Twitter username) ; I'm entering your bday giveaway by giving you early BDAY BEATS lol"

Giveaway is starts: MIDNIGHT (12:00 AM EST) Monday, Oct 5, 2009
Ends: MIDNIGHT (12:00 AM EST) Wednesday, Oct 23, 2009!
ps. All comments will be hidden/pend approval until the end of the contest to prevent spammers some 'spidering' ;)

All entries will be put in a Word Document in order of entry time [time stamp from my e-mails] & chosen by
If, an entry name was selected 'twice' (ie. Bag #1 for BLAH, and BAG #3 for BLAH) there will be a redraw for that bag (ie. BAG #3).
Winner will be announced via. Blogspot and Twitter post

Feel free to spread the word :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Birthday is coming... meaning a GIVEAWAY!!

I've been planning this for some time (during my NoBuy/Swap Break). After reorganizing my makeup and closet.. I realized I have so many items slighty used or unopened.

Only thing I would have in my "rules":
- 16 or older (or have parents permission to provide me your address)
- provide me your e-mail or twitter name (as I'm posting this on my blog and twitter)

Would you be interested in participating?