Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, the year of opportunities

"cause in the end we're just lines and circles... " - Lines and Circles, O-Town

Here I sit, writing. It's a few more hours until the new year. It seems pretty cliche writing this especially since the "new year" is upon us. Yes, it's a time to reflect. A time to review your year. As a blogger, lets be honest, my lack of blogging this year was very absent. As much as I wanted to I couldn't, could of. Life really took over. My year began with a rocky start, the thoughts of the known. Few days ago marked a year and I continue to pray and have hope. Life does continue.

As I think back, this year was... pretty awesome. Sure I've had ups and downs but who hasn't? If I were to compare this year to last year, I believe this year I took my own advice. Something I didn't think or know I CAN do.

Too many life events happened that I wish I blogged about but didn't. I, was living in the moment and didn't want to miss any of it. Opportunities, opportunities I thought would never happen. The opportunity to take courage, to take charge. The opportunity to finally travel (staycations to me count!). The opportunity of being a secret shopper. The opportunity of meeting musicians I grew up listening to. Opportunities of meeting people and continue to "grow old" with family and friends. It was the year of opportunities.

When I look back to this post for whatever reason, for whatever emotions I may be going through in the years to come. The journey continues. Don't worry for tomorrow. Live now. Live today.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

REVIEW: Anker Astro E5 Portable External Battery

Being on the go and very dependent on my cellphone, I can guarantee 65% of my device's battery will be drained before noon. I had researched for months, read countless reviews, compared prices and decided to purchase an external battery.

What I considered when making this purchase (not sponsor purchase):
Power - enough voltage for at least a day or two in case I forget to recharge overnight
on-the-go - Being able to put this in my pocket or bag and not worry my device battery dying as I'm out
Wall outlet availability- I'm paranoid of leaving my electronics charging in public/someone's house. Never know who has access to it, or gosh forbid mistakenly take it. Trust me, I have gone to a store or cafe to find a free outlet and have sat there for 10 odd minutes just to get some battery life.
Car charger - GPS/gadgets plugged in &/or the constant in-and-out from the car, devices don't get a decent charge.

Being such a techy, I was happy to add the newest addition, Anker Astro E5 15000mAh External Battery
Anker Astro E5 15000mAh External Battery

Invested for more voltage at the lowest cost. I had compared different brands and sizes. Anker was one of the top 3 list.

15000mAh voltage
It had arrived pre-charged, so I was ready to go. After 4-5hours to fully charge, I found this external battery can last about a week of heavy use until I need to recharge it. As it's charging I'm also able to plug my device in to charge as well.

Various sizes (from handheld to 10")
Anker Astro E5 is the size of a portable harddrive with two (2) charging ports. Unfortunately, it isn't pants pocket friendly but it's powerful to not leave home without it. So I don't mind at all.

Device Compatibility
Two charging ports, the ability to charge multiple devices that have a usb cord. It arrived with device adapters to help you get started (micro, mini, and ipod). From my experience, it became a popular item during an offsite work trip. Ratio of available outlets were less than the amount of people attending.

Available colours
Anker Astro is aviable in two (2) colours, white and black. I purchased the Black. Very sleek looking but also a fingerprint magnetic.

Extra light
During power outages, this device not only charges your devices it also has an LED flashlight too! What a bright idea, no pun intended.

Are you interested looking to purchase an external battery? Do you already own one?
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