Monday, February 16, 2009

Tutorial: Creating Your Own Brush Holder / MakeUp Case

Note: This is MY (cherzmaster) way of doing this. A very crafty and affordable way to place your makeup & brushes.

What You'll Need:
You can find the following items from the dollar store ;)

- Square Oven/Pot mitt (any colour your like)

- Velcro (optional)

- Mini Sewing Kit (optional - if you can't sew please ask for assistance from someone who can. I don't want you getting hurt!!!)

For this tutorial I'm using 2 (two) oven mitts.

If you're creating a removable pouch, use the velcro to stick your Mitts together.

If you're creating a makeup case, sew the Mitts together by their side, pouch opening facing up.

Optional Idea:
You can put velcro/zipper on the top rim so items won't slip out.

Now you can decorate it to your hearts desire or stick a belt through the holes and use it as a brush belt.

View video tutorial here:



  1. you are too cute...i watched your vid on youtube =) very creative & inexpensive...i love it

  2. wow thats a great idea! I just bought some more eyeshadow brushes and those would be the perfect size.