Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spotted E.L.F Products in Zellers (Canada)

Eye spy with my little eye ... something for my eyes, lips, and face ;p

Snapshot of Eyes Lips Face kits & sets in Zellers Canada.

27 Makeup Piece set - 12.99
Mini sets/kits - 4.99
Beauty Books (for eyes, lips or face) - 9.99
(Books available: Bright eyes, Neutral Eyes, Smokey Eye, Lip Set)

Review/Swatches coming soon of my own purchases

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ALERT: Annabelle Mineral Line

Annabelle Cosmetics ( has launched a Mineral line.

I have yet to test these products, but I spotted these items at a local Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shop & Swatch: Wet N Wild (Part 1, Blush)

As previously posted, the new Wet N Wild products are now available at local Walmart Superstores. I will be posting my overall review once I've have used all the products ;)

But for now I will post my initial thoughts using some of the products for the 1st time today.
These will be in parts.

- Soft, pigmented
I made the mistake but brushing my blush brush more than once (thinking I will have to build to get the true colour) - boy was I wrong. I ended up having rosy-clown cheeks. HA HA!

(One stroke side by side. The back of my arm is an "NC30". Above, Indoor Lighting with Flash. Below, Indoor Lighting with no Flash)

WnW items I used in my makeup in the morning (no primer on face):
Wet N Wild Color Icon Single Eyeshadow - Brulee (all over lid colour)
Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush - Mellow Wine (after I blended it out)

Evening results: my cheeks were still rosy, slight fading!!

Nail Polish:
I have brittle and slightly yellowish tips. So I decided to just paint my tips (2 layers) with WnW nail polish in Hush Hush. Don't they look like I got a french manicure :)
(note: all these were purchased by my own money)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ALERT: New Wet N Wild Display spotted (Toronto)

Finally! Since mid January I've been reading reviews about how Wet N Wild has changed most of the products/packaging. Well if you're in the Toronto area you're in luck!

Thanks to shexilicious she texted me this afternoon saying her local Walmart Superstore (East end of Toronto) has the new Wet N Wild products AND NYC products. You'll have to check her blog for further information about these babies and that location ;)

As for me, I made a quick stop to Dufferin Mall location and spotted the new Wet N Wild display. The time I went the cosmetic department was stocking up their makeup shelves for different brands (so I don't know if NYC was part of their boxes).

Here's a quick pic I took. Sorry for the quality. The prices are not bad, very affordable. I will do a review on items when I get a chance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update: Shop & Swap

A few days ago, I dropped by one of my favourite stores, the thrift store; with no plan of purchasing anything. Lately, I've been clearing out my closet (with stuff to donate) and reorganizing my room. As I walked down the asle I found the following purse. I was pretty shocked how brand new it looked. No scuffs, torn edges etc..

So of course I purchased it. I did my online research this bag originally costs $60-80, I got it for... $13!

LOL Kitty wanted to get in my photos aka jump in my purse.

Also, I received my ELF order that Megan had helped me purchase/send it across. Thank you Megan!! I will be doing a review on the items soon (Studio Lip Lock, Studio HD Powder, Studio Mineral Face Primer).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: Rexall Glass Nail File

So a few weeks ago I was with someone who was purchasing a rather expensive 'glass file'. Til that day I had never heard of or used such a thing. Really, glass? So after their praise that such a product can change your usage of nail filers, and throwing out emery boards... made me want to try this out myself.

Ironically, I had broken nails during the day and left my emergency nail file in my other purse. So I went searching for a cheaper alternative (I love looking for cheaper items lol). Behold I found a local drugstore selling it. It was on sale (20%off) so a little under $5.

1st impressions:
I thought I would cut myself on the 'glass'
Would this glass break in my bag?
Looks expensive
it can file on both sides :)

The test: After 8 strokes

I didn't have to do as many stroaks as I would on a regualar nail file. Usually with a regular nail file I'd also end up having uneven, ridges under my nail. BOOO! But this none of that at all.

The only down side (if you're sensitive to 'touch'), if you move it the wrong way (ie. back) it feels like you're dragging your nails on a chalk board.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recent Purchases

I had posted a few weeks ago about the new foundation from Revlon, PhotoReady. I was looking for a good lightweight foundation and read this foundation was lighter than Revlon ColorStay. So I went ahead to purchase with my Optium Points. Now if any one had read my previous post I was hesitant to purchasing these not because of the high price for drugstore but the "sparkle" effect. Let me tell you, I'm glad I did purchase it. The sparkle doesn't really show up unless you look very very closely (if you were VERY close to my face LOL). Plus it's light weight, perfect match (I bought 008 and 006).

Continuing with pumps, I wish the Revlon ColorStay had a pump. So many times I tried to pour very slow but still ended up wasting product. So I searched for solutions and found "Airless Bottles with Pumps". I ended up buying 4 and they are perfect for foundations, soap, cleansers etc.

Another online purchase I made was empty 10gram jars to place products in. I already used one jar by depotting my UDPP.

Monday, January 4, 2010

ALERT: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation - SPOTTED in TORONTO

Revlon has launched a new line of foundations called PhotoReady.
It had slowly made its way to the US shelves before the end of 2009 and has recently been listed in Rexall Pharma Plus, Walmart and SDM flyers!

Rexall reg. price is $18.99 ... (Flyer: 20% off)
SDM reg. price is $21.99... (Flyer: 15% off PLUS 1000 Bonus Optimum Points)
Walmart - $16.97

If you go/live within the downtown Toronto area you're in luck!

From what I saw they have ALL PR foundation shades, a press powder, and a translucent powder. They have 1 tester out (noticed they were all for shade 006 Med. Beige) only.

Yonge & Bloor - SDM has them in stock
College Park - Rexall Pharma Plus has them in stock
College Station SDM (24hrs) does NOT have them in stock
Yorkdale Mall SDM does NOT

Bay Atrium Pharma Plus has them in stock
Shoppers Drug Mart (Near Kippling Station) has them

I have yet to check the SDMs near Eatons.

My Initial Thoughts: I am basing this thought on a tester provided by the store... I was only able to swatch the foundation on my hand. From what I read on reviews on message boards it does have a 'sparkle' effect. I don't think I'll like it. It reminds me of accidentally smearing 'sparkly lip gloss' on my skin. However, the foundation has a pump, it glides on smoothly, and is light-weight.