Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update: Thrift Shopping and Stuff...

Over the past weekend I had a chance to spend some time with family. Since the summer began I've been working nonstop, so quality time was a must.

We stopped by a local Thrift Store and I managed to find some goodies. I've been wanting to get a larger makeup/travel case for a few months.
  • Lancome Makeup Bag with "matching red & white" mini bag (for lipsticks & pencils) $0.99
  • Small but wider Makeup Bag (Black/Grey & White) $0.99
  • White Clutch (been wanting a clutch!!!) $2.99
  • Belt $2.99

Items from shopping randomly...
  • Bra Clips (for hiding your bra straps, or holding them if they slip) Comes in 2, 3 diff. colours (Black, Beige, Clear) $1
  • Bella Beauty Eyelash Curler $2.60
  • Bella Beauty Retractable Blush Brush $3
  • POSH Retractable Smudge Brush $2
  • POSH Retractable Brush $5
  • Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad - #02 Natural Smokes
  • Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad - #06 Amethyst Smokes

Since my "No-Buy/Swap Break" is fast approaching (Aug 22) - my recent shopping trip was well worth it :) Thanks for all the support so far!!!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cherz's Outfit Under $10: Dress for Occasion

Not my usual within $10 post but the pieces were under $10.

To end the summer (technically I don't get a summer since working FT) I'm headed to a few special occasions.

Question: Upcoming event, wedding. I'm planning to possibly wear BOTH the same day (one for the day, the other for the evening) if there's time to change. BUT if I can't which should I go with #1 or #2 for the church and reception?

Outfit #1
Shoes: Thrift Store (ref. to prev. post)
Tanktop: Suzy Shier $5
Skirt: Thrift Store $4
Shaul: Thrift Store $2 (which I'll wear at the church)

Outfit #2
Shoes: Thrift Store (ref. to prev. post)
Dress: Costa Blanca $10
Necklace: Suzy Shier $5

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wish me luck! Going on a No-Buy/Swap Break

Starting Aug.22/09 - Sept 23/09 I am going on a No-Buy/Swap Break.

I could technically start it today but I have some packages coming in (want to make sure items arrive okay etc.). This break will consist of no buying and swapping M/U or clothes.

I've been meaning to do this since begining of August. But I had a 'wakeup' call this past week with life&family... and it must be done. This is going to be tough.

I'm not alone on this journey, shexilicious also planned on going on a no-buy. Hurray for moral support :) If you're planning to go on one or are on one let me know too!

However during that time I will have more time to look over items I already have, update more on my blog... and save... ;) I wish I could hide my c.c but unfortunately I do have other items to purchase (Bus Passes and Tickets, Groceries).

Upcoming Posts:
- NYX Palettes (as per. previous post)
- E.L.F Haul #? lol
- Maybelline Stylist Smokes Quads

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ALERT: Rexall Pharma Plus (Toronto) NYX Displays UPDATED


As per my previous post regarding the "updated/redesigned" NYX displays at Rexall/PharmaPlus locations... I had managed to walk over to another store that carries NYX.

College Park (near/in College Station) has roughly the same selection as the Atrium at Bay (Dundas Station).

I took a mental note of what Jumbo Pencils that are "newly" available: Cottage Cheese, Slate, Purple, Ocean, French Fries, Horse Radish, Strawberry Milk. Items that were always in stock: Black Bean, Dark Brown, Lavender, Oyster, Rust, Pots N Pans

For my fellow Toronto residents/shoppers here are other locations I am aware of that carries NYX:

- First Canadian Place
- Yonge & Eglinton Mall/Plaza (near/inside Eglinton Station)
- Cloverdale Mall (west end Toronto)

Personally, Yonge Eglinton had quite a big selection prior to the updates. However with the new additions (diamond lipsticks and more jumbo pencils) I can only hope they've grown in size too ;p

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Update: Packages Received & Toronto Pharma/Rexall

Hello my blog readers :)

Sorry for the delay on a new blog post. I've been under the weather these past 2 weeks with an on going cough that comes and hits hard then goes. I did receive my NYX Palettes last week. I've been wanting to show swatches etc. however since I've had this cold I don't want to pass my germs all over my new shadows. Sadly, when I did open one of my palettes to just take a peek I had sneezed and nicked one of the shadows. Oh well.

Hopefully I can post up pictures and reviews this week. Plus a recent shopping haul I did with my friend (" Michie ").

FYI: For the Toronto shoppers/travellers
Rexall (Pharma Plus) at Atrium at Bay has updated their NYX section! They now have Diamond Sparkle lipsticks, more single eyeshadows, and a few more Jumbo Pencils (ie. Cottage Cheese, Strawberry Milk, French Fries)!!!! And the display looks alot neater than usual ;)