Saturday, January 31, 2009

MakeUp Review: jane. Be Pure Aguaceuticals Review

Product: jane. Be Pure Aguaceuticals

Availability: In United States & Canada in any department and pharmacies stores that sell Jane cosmetics.

I had previously posted about jane.'s new product line 'JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals®' arriving on store shelves last December 2008. Recently I had stopped by my local Zellars to see what makeup products were out and had found their collection. So far my local Zellars has only their bronzing palettes, blush sticks, and tinted moisturizers.

JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals® includes natural hydrating products made with active naturals and certified organics such as: White and Green Tea – a known antioxidant for anti-inflammatory and skin care; Organic Aloe; Lemon Balm and Comfrey complex which hydrate and moisturize to reduce the appearance of fine lines on skin.

In an effort to respond to environmental concerns, JANE has made a commitment that 90% of the packaging for this Collection is 100% recyclable or made with post-consumer recycled materials. For instance, the compacts are made from recyclable paperboard; the tubes, jars and cases for Aguaceuticals® are molded with 50% post-recycled materials.

Also their products highlight that it is PARABEN FREE!


Aguaceuticals® Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

There are 4 avaible shades:
Fair Tones: Very fair, pink or porcelan undertones
Light Warm Tones: Beige and yellow undertones
Medium Warm Tones: Mediterranean, tanned complexions
Dark Tones: Dark, Tanned Complexions

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The packaging is very light weight, compared to other bottles of I've seen (Revlon's ColourStay Active). Unfortunately, there were no testers at the store so I purchased the last 2 shades.

Results: From what I found Medium Warm tone had blended well to my skin tone, whereas Dark tone looked was a bit more tanned for my skin. I think I'll use Dark shade when the summer comes. After I applied Medium Warm to my face it had dried matte which what I like. However after a few minutes (or it could be my lighting) it looked like it changed a tad orange/tan-lightbrown. After a few minutes it looked like I had nothing on my face. :)

View Swatch:

- SPF 30
- Drys matte
- Light weight
- Didn't rub off onto my clothes
- After 8 hrs of wearing (cold winter, to warmth, to commutting, to cold etc) didn't melt off my face

- Slight scent
- Cost $9.99 CDN :(

Product Rating: 4/5 (I will try out Light Warm)
Would Purchase Again: Yes

Aguaceuticals® Blush Stix

There are 3 available shades:
01 - Shimmering Brown
02 - Shimmering Peach
03 - Shimmering Pink

Moisturizes, soothes and softens with organic almond and jojoba

The packaging is very light weight, great product size (It's slightly taller than a lipstick, and 2.5 cm across width). I believe there's only 3 shades avaiable, I could be wrong. However, I purchased all availble shades.compared to other bottles of I've seen (Revlon's ColourStay Active). Unfortunately, there were no testers at the store so I purchased the last 2 shades.

View Swatch @

- Pigmented
- Glides on smoothly (although my video looks like I had to press hard, I didn't twist product up which I should have)
- Great size product

- Slight shimmer
- Cost $8.99 CDN :(

Product Rating: 5/5
Would Purchase Again: Yes

Thursday, January 29, 2009

26 Shadow & Blush Combo Palette

So I recently purchased the 'Coastal Scents' dupe of their 26 Shadow & Blush Combo palette on eBay (User ID/Link: abestlife). CS sells this for about $21.95 + Canadian shipping $7?!... but with the exchange rate and the charges Canadian customs might slap onto my package I didn't want to risk it again. So I bought this palette when the exchange rate was quite low ($11.24 CDN!) + shipping about $10 (a bit lower with exchange rate too). I received in about a week and a half.

I have yet to do swatches and review this. I'm planning to test this out for my graduation photo look ;) WOOO a few more days.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Updates coming soon

I've been meaning to post but I've been rather busy and lazy.... :(
I have a couple of items from swapping and buying such. Some pretty much good deals.

For any Canadians out there... Dollarama prices are going up Feb 1/09!
I know... why call it dollarama... well its now going to be 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 items