Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review/Test: Witchcraft Nail Hardener

Product: Witchcraft - Nail Hardener

Availability: In Canada in any department and pharmacies stores nail section. So far I've seen it in PharmaPlus/Rexall, Shoppers Drugmart, Walmart, and Zellars.

Witchcraft Nail Hardener - "Often imitated but never equalled."

Box Information:
- Enhances nail growth
- Protects and seals nail surface
- Prevents chipping, cracking, splitting and peeling

Regular use will help make nails longer and stronger.

Shake bottle well before using.
Hardener may appear clear or cloudy. Effectiv
eness remains the same.
Keep from heat. External use only.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Day 1 (March 20 @ 3PM):

My Nail History:
I over work my hands, they are weak and pron to chip. I work on a computer EVERY day! At work and school I'm ALWAYS at the computer. At home I wash the dishes and do the laundry (yes I scrub my stuff). I'm a chronic hand wash and sometimes don't have access to put hand lotion. My hands are dry overall... and I rarely have time to take care of my nails, due to the above. However, I do have the proper intake of the vitamins needed to make my nails healthy :)

The Test:

I'm quite hesitant to see if this hardener works. I've use 2 different hardeners in the past and they've both failed me. They've made my nails weaker and break alot faster.

As the box suggests this should be applied twice awake. BUT since I lack faith in my nails I'll be applying this every other day. As you can see my right thumb nail is "cut" as far as it can be cut. I somewhat did this purposely just to see if my nail will grow "faster".

So far:

- Drys shiny & clear
- Great amount on the brush didn't have to redip (did one hand per dip!)

- Nail polish scent (so if this bothers you... sorry)
- Cost $9.49 CDN.... maybe we'll see if this works

Results:For from a week of reapplication will be updated NEXT Saturday!
Product Rating:
to be updated in a week
Would Purchase Again: to be updated in a week

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  1. ooh i used to love this stuff back in middle school! lol