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Tutorial: DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans - DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans
DIY Overalls
#itsCherzDIY Creating overalls with two pairs of jeans. Yes, 2! Personally I find it quite difficult to find overalls. Sure I can visit my local workwear store or hope overalls are back in stock and style (again). Of course I wanted to create something that was versatile without breaking my wallet.

This project took me about 2-3hours to do, including the shopping ;)

Note: Items used in this tutorial were purchased on my own from a local thrift shop and dollar store.

Materials Required:
  • sewing kit, sewing machine, OR glue gun
  • fabric scissors (any pair of scissors)
  • measuring tape / ruler
  • marker / pen
  • velcro
  • 2 jeans similar shade
  • Optional: newspaper/cardboard to protect flat surface of glue and scratches - DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans
DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans - Materials
Project Tips:

You can start with jeans you currently own and work with adding in the overall part. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Jeans Tips:

1 pair, current fit or loose fit [JEANS X]

1 pair, very loose fit [ JEANS Y]

Materials Preparation:

  • Put aside JEANS X
  • Cut 6 pieces of velcro, about 1-inch length

Steps - Overall Chest: - DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans
  1. Take JEANS Y back pockets facing up.
  2. Take a ruler/measuring tape and mark the length you'd like, leaving about 1- 1.5 inches (for tucking inside JEANS X)
  3. Cut JEANS Y (Photo: see green lines).

Steps - Overall Straps: - DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans

  1. JEANS Y: using the pant leg, measure 1- inch in width and cut length wise up the pant leg (x 2)
  2. Optional: fold if you need thinner or thicker straps

Steps - Piecing Together: - DIY Overalls with 2 Jeans

  1. Using the marker: Mark where you'd like to place the velcro. Don't worry if you make mistakes this will be all inside JEANS X. Total of 4 marks, 2 back, 2 front.
  2. Using velcro soft-furry side: sew/glue velcro at the markings. Using the soft velcro on JEANS X will prevent scratching when overalls chest is detached ;)
  3. Using velcro scratchy-side: sew/glue of velcro to both ends of straps [x4], back of overall chest [x2]
  4. Add the back straps to JEANS X, leaving strap ends hanging. Once jeans are on, tuck/attach overall chest. Taking the strap ends hanging from your back, attach to overall chest. 

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These overalls were used as apart of my Despicable Me Agnes costume

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