Friday, August 9, 2013

Thrift Shopper Meets Toronto Premium Outlets

Toronto Premium Outlets
Toronto Premium Outlets

Toronto Premium Outlets - Food Court
Toronto Premium Outlets - Food Court
9am vs 11:30am
Last weekend I ventured to the Toronto Premium Outlets, in Halton Hills. Yes, just bit of a drive away from Toronto. I wasn't sure what to expect, except it would be busy.

As a thrift shopper, outlet shopping is also a great place to find deals. Unfortunately, I can't give my opinion on price comparison from the US vs. Canada since I haven't experienced outlet shopping south of the border.

Upon arrival, it was PACKED! Lets factor in, it was 2 days after the main grand opening and/or it was long weekend. I arrived 30 minutes before stores would open and the parking lots were full. Imagine, Boxing Day or Black Friday. There were lines already at  Coach, Michael Korrs, Kate Spade, and Tommy Hilfiger. Food Court (building) offered any type of craving, from pasta/pizza, sandwiches, to sushi. There was also food trucks on site (for that weekend). Guest Services also offered coupon books for V.I.P members. There was also pamphlets that I found useful that contained sizing charts conversions. The outlets lot is well planned, that you can't get lost. If you haven't been to an outlet, picture one floor mall, a well connected outdoor plaza. There were a few "Coming Soon" signs at some stores but there are enough stores currently open to shop for everyone in your family. As I wandered, aimlessly, throughout the different wings of the outlets one thought came to mind.... would you still shop during inclement weather? 

Ready to venture out?
Remember, patience!
You made it out here to shop, so remember that ;)

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