Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tutorial: Device Stand (for Cellphones / Tablets / Playbook / iPads)

Working in digital media/web design, I have the opportunity own/barrow devices to test my work. Personally, I have such a small workspace to begin with and having unknown amount of devices to be placed flat on my desk (with my laptop, drawing tablet, papers etc…) has become an inconvenience and takes up too much room. Also, I would have to constantly look downwards causing some strain both eyes/neck. Sure I can spend a few dollars to buy an individual device stand or device cases with built-it-stands but it adds up.

The results of this DIY: not only did I end up with a travel headphone case but a travel stand too. Yes, a 2-in-1 DIY ;)

Items purchased cost less than $3 in total. Most items you can find at home.

What you'll need/Materials used:
-    Metal pliers or scissors ($1-1.50)
-    Headphone case box – I found this at a local Dollarama for $1
-    Pencil or pen (No Markers!)
-    Glasses / Protective glasses / Sunglasses (if it’s sunny) *optional


Step 1:
Hold the device close to the center of the box. If you own (or barrow) more than one device use the device with the thicker width. In this case, I’m using the Blackberry Playbook.

Trace/draw lines of the device onto the box with your pencil/pen. I refrained from using any marker as I was paranoid of getting markings on the device screen. We don’t want that!!! Make sure you have a total of 4 lines (2 for each side – front & back).


Step 2:
*You may want to put on your glasses/protective eyewear, small plastic do fly in unknown directions while cutting.*

Use the wire cutters/scissors to cut along the “inner section/side” of the drawn lines and stopping at the base. After you cut along lines, wiggle the “piece” to get it out.

Step 3:
Place your device in the stand. Ensure it’s placed equally balanced on both ends. If it seems too snug, repeat Step 3 by trimming plastic sides slowly.

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