Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: Rexall Glass Nail File

So a few weeks ago I was with someone who was purchasing a rather expensive 'glass file'. Til that day I had never heard of or used such a thing. Really, glass? So after their praise that such a product can change your usage of nail filers, and throwing out emery boards... made me want to try this out myself.

Ironically, I had broken nails during the day and left my emergency nail file in my other purse. So I went searching for a cheaper alternative (I love looking for cheaper items lol). Behold I found a local drugstore selling it. It was on sale (20%off) so a little under $5.

1st impressions:
I thought I would cut myself on the 'glass'
Would this glass break in my bag?
Looks expensive
it can file on both sides :)

The test: After 8 strokes

I didn't have to do as many stroaks as I would on a regualar nail file. Usually with a regular nail file I'd also end up having uneven, ridges under my nail. BOOO! But this none of that at all.

The only down side (if you're sensitive to 'touch'), if you move it the wrong way (ie. back) it feels like you're dragging your nails on a chalk board.


  1. omg when u mentioned chalkboard, i got the weird tingly ew feeling that i get when I do hear that sound >_<

    I've been meaning to buy a glass file because its supposed to be better for your nails, but still haven't jumped. $5 is good tho, SDM? Pharma Plus? Guess I will go on a hunt XD

  2. okay...
    didnt read the title properly. cause it SAYS REXALL right there >_< I just read the local drug store part, and thought it was a mom and pops store (maybe) which is why u didn't mention it, but hoped it would be PP or SDM...
    anyway i guess this is a sign that its time for bed XD

  3. Good review... Think I might try one out now.

  4. wow the before & after is amazing! i got to remember the brand Rexall!!!

    xoxo elle