Monday, January 4, 2010

ALERT: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation - SPOTTED in TORONTO

Revlon has launched a new line of foundations called PhotoReady.
It had slowly made its way to the US shelves before the end of 2009 and has recently been listed in Rexall Pharma Plus, Walmart and SDM flyers!

Rexall reg. price is $18.99 ... (Flyer: 20% off)
SDM reg. price is $21.99... (Flyer: 15% off PLUS 1000 Bonus Optimum Points)
Walmart - $16.97

If you go/live within the downtown Toronto area you're in luck!

From what I saw they have ALL PR foundation shades, a press powder, and a translucent powder. They have 1 tester out (noticed they were all for shade 006 Med. Beige) only.

Yonge & Bloor - SDM has them in stock
College Park - Rexall Pharma Plus has them in stock
College Station SDM (24hrs) does NOT have them in stock
Yorkdale Mall SDM does NOT

Bay Atrium Pharma Plus has them in stock
Shoppers Drug Mart (Near Kippling Station) has them

I have yet to check the SDMs near Eatons.

My Initial Thoughts: I am basing this thought on a tester provided by the store... I was only able to swatch the foundation on my hand. From what I read on reviews on message boards it does have a 'sparkle' effect. I don't think I'll like it. It reminds me of accidentally smearing 'sparkly lip gloss' on my skin. However, the foundation has a pump, it glides on smoothly, and is light-weight.


  1. thanks for the heads up! I will def. check out if they have them anywhere else :)

  2. Awesome, thank you VERY much for the update! I have been waiting for its arrival in Canada :) I'll have to check my local SDM to see if they have it. Thanks again!

  3. I saw this too last week at Superstore! I'm not sure though if I'll get it -- it's so hard to judge colour when there is only one tester. Why is that always the case for drugstore makeup!


  4. in canada loblaws, rexall, and walmart usually get the new products first. I've noticed that dt gets things out slower than we do here in markham, cause i've acutally seen a lot of the products out before they were up on blogs this time. It really depends on your store.

  5. for a drugstore foundation it sure is expensive! i don't remember paying more than $15 for a drugstore product before.. their prices are really going UP! i think i'll skip on this one haha :P i know tons of ppl are curious about this product tho. thanks for sharing :) xx