Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update: Shop & Swap

A few days ago, I dropped by one of my favourite stores, the thrift store; with no plan of purchasing anything. Lately, I've been clearing out my closet (with stuff to donate) and reorganizing my room. As I walked down the asle I found the following purse. I was pretty shocked how brand new it looked. No scuffs, torn edges etc..

So of course I purchased it. I did my online research this bag originally costs $60-80, I got it for... $13!

LOL Kitty wanted to get in my photos aka jump in my purse.

Also, I received my ELF order that Megan had helped me purchase/send it across. Thank you Megan!! I will be doing a review on the items soon (Studio Lip Lock, Studio HD Powder, Studio Mineral Face Primer).

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