Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tutorial: Belt Organization / Storage (Under $5)

If you're like me, you like to be organized. Not just organized by purchasing many boxes and storage containers but in the "cheapest" way possible. I've acquired quite a number of belts over the years (purchases, thrifting, hand-me-down). However, I disliked storing them in boxes since I wanted a solution where I didn't have to "dig" for my belts. So my option was to hang them, but this was also becoming a hassle. Especially when I went to pick a belt, I would have remove belts that were ontop it knocking a few belts along the way.

So one day I was going down the aisle of my local dollar store (Dollarama) and noticed they had placed new items. Trust me I LOVE this place. One item they had added was Shower Curtain hooks! Then an idea popped in my head - let me try hanging something else with these ;)

What I use & What you need:
- Coat hooks for the door
(Dollarama: $1.50-2.50  depending location/style)
- Shower Curtain Hooks or hooks that open.
(Dollarama: $1 - 12hooks/package)

I sorted my belts by colour and style. Now I just select a loop and press and go. You can sort it however you like. That easy!


  1. oooooh neat~ others have used them to hang their scarves as well~

    I can't hang one of those over my door, so this idea won't hold for me. As of now I do resort to the box. Roll up my belts, and store them that way. But its a pain to roll them everytime >_<

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