Thursday, December 4, 2008

MakeUp Review: Annabelle Review

Product: Annabelle Mascara (Black)

I received Annabelle's new Mascara during a free promotional campaign. Annabelle's claims to provide up 5x more volume, and has an innovative brush that has both bristled brush and comb.

Availability: In Canada in any department and pharmacies stores

The packaging is very sleek and light weight, compared to other mascaras I've used this one isn't bulky, oddly shaped or heavy (due to packaging). From what I found I loved the idea of a 2-in-1 brush. When I removed the wand from the tube, I noticed a bit of excise mascara left on the tip of the wand. But this didn't bother me as much as I found wiping the bit onto the rim before applying helps remove it. At first I was pretty hesitant on how to use this mascara correctly. However, after watching their advertisement I figured it out.

Photo: Natural Lashes, Not Curled/No Mascara

My lashes a short, pin-straight and thin. For a mascara to claim it can add up to 5x more volume would have to wow me.

cherzmaster tip: I found that once you've curled your lashes, apply one coat of this mascara and let it dry. Once dry then reapply. I found that gave a suitable volume I wanted to achieve without making it harder to comb out.

Photo: Curled Lashes with Mascara (applied once)

Results: I found this mascara had held the lash of my curl all day long, without weighing it down. I didn't have to recurl my eyelashes after I applied my mascara. I noticed no flaking on my cheek either.

The only down side I found of this product was the excess mascara on the tip when removing the wand from the tube. But that was solved by wiping the tip on the rim of the tube.

Product Rating: 4/5
Would Purchase Again: Yes


  1. PS. i got the mascara long time ago but i havent tried it yet lol im still tryna finish up my other ones lol =)

  2. jah. CS only takes 5 days usually. its almost been 10... and some blogger who LIVES IN THE PHILIPPINES received hers and she order the same day. BAH I HATE WAITING FOR PACKAGES

  3. REALLY? ok good at least now i dont feel completely out of the loop haha...i will get my licence evenually I SWEAR on it haha

  4. I hate that mascara lol. But thankyou for sending me the link ;)